It’s just human nature to develop habits and behaviour routines.

Whether it is just a legacy of the “I survived yesterday so if I do the same again, I should survive today also” lymbic brain pattern. Or whether it’s just down-right efficient, even if it carries a level of discomfort and dissatisfaction. Whatever it is, we build our comfort zones. Ironic that those comfort zones are often not very comfortable.

Whenever possible, I like to step out of mine. So here I am about to embark on another of Camino expeditions. This time I am attempting the Camino Frances for a 2nd time. The first was in 2013 and it changed my life.

Problem this time is that I only have 12 days available for walking. But the route typically needs 30-40 days. I did it in 35 last time.

So while walking the Camino is not new for me, I have not walked seriously for 2 years. And I have insufficient time to complete the full distance on this outing. So it’s unlikely I can make it.

But the adventure is worth it whatever the outcome.

I’ve adopted the ultra-lite approach on this journey. No rucksack, just a lumbar pack and a water sack. Total weight carried down from 12kg to 4kg.

So it’s going to be a challenge, even with this advantage.

What will you do this month to escape the trap of your comfort zones ?