I've found that many people come to NLP looking to make dramatic changes in their lives.  Which of course is wonderful.

So, is there a 'but' coming?  Well, not really.  It's more of a qualification.  Which can go to the heart of NLP.  It's about expectations.

We cannot do anything else other than have expectations.  Without an expectation, we wouldn't have the motivation to get started, or to make a decision or opinion.

So how 'ecological' are these expectations?  Speaking generally of course.  I don't know anything about your expectations.  So I couldn't comment.  At least not wisely and ethically.

And generally people's expectations of NLP are very high.  Typically because they've been sold dreams and aspirations.  Typically by people in the industry, who quite frankly should know better.  Sadly this selling exercise is often related to money.  The 'dream seller' typically wants you to sign up for a course.  And the easiest way to do this is to influence you that after NLP, you'll have everything you want.  Including 'perfection' which - however you think of that - is a great outcome.

My own experience of NLP is that it truly changed my life.  Yet I am not going to claim perfection ... and there's many who would attest to that. ♥  Just a massive improvement.

I know many expert NLP 'masters' who drop the ball.   And why not - they're human!  Tempers, egos, frustrations - they all boil to the surface occasionally.  For all of us.  NLP'ers are not divine.  Or perfect.  Much though some of the promotion tactics would like to lead you to jump to that conclusion.

So don't part with your money or your time until you have done thing.  In the long run, the latter is obviously more important.  In the short term, it's often the former which drives judgements.

What one thing?  Consider your expectations.  Don't limit your dreams.  NLP is about achieving and making massive change.  And dreams are important in that.

Just be clear on your expectations.  What do you want to change?  In NLP-speak, what is your outcome?  More likely, outcomes.

And if perfection is your outcome, then go for it.  While understanding what that means.  For you.  And don't be frustrated or disappointed if it takes a while.  Or never happens.  NLP is about achieving outcomes and making change, typically when change seems impossible.  If perfection is out of reach, that doesn't mean it has failed.  Or that you have failed.  Consider instead what it has achieved.

I've made more money through applying NLP (unlike many others in the industry, through actually using it, not through selling courses and products) than through any other technique.  I've achieved more happiness in my life than through any other technique.  I have changed my life in more significant ways than through any other technique.

Am I perfect?  Yes, always.  Except when I'm not.  At least those times are fewer than they used to be.  So I'm a happy bunny.  Investing in NLP is something you won't regret, providing you've done some honest thinking about your outcomes and expectations.  And don't buy into the hype that sadly seems to be endemic in the industry.