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Looking for Infinity

Many people start their search for meaning about life in general or their life in particular with some level of angst. This is especially true in the personal development and coaching industry. This angst (whatever form it takes) continues, much like the itch which needs scratching, and yet gradually is mixed with a level of insight.

Personally one of my biggest steps was to lift my over-weight unfit derriere from the sofa and the office chair, take myself to the small town of St Jean Pied de Port on south-western border of France, .... and then walk. 800kms on the Camino Frances, walking the traditional pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in north-western Spain.

Those who have walked El Camino share a truth. Of course, it represents itself differently to each one of them. But it's basically the same truth.

If you too have started your own search for meaning, before you spend thousands on a course from some guru, may I recommend and beseech you - walk the Camino. Long one or a short one. They range from 120kms over 5 days to 1200kms+ over 2 months. Or just a part of one.

I guarantee your life will be changed.