After a wonderful 10 years, Jamie has handed over Salad to Tim Considine, to continue growing while Jamie focus on his new business, Innate Thinking.

Read more of that over at, and we've reposted Jamie's original email announcement here below.

Dear Friend,

I'm excited to announce that, as Salad approaches its 10th anniversary, the business has been purchased by one of our clients, Tim Considine. The purpose of this email is to let you know about the purchase, to thank you for your continued support and to let you know about what's happening going forward.

As you may know, I started Salad in January 2003, fuelled by a passion for transformation, and a fascination with NLP, hypnosis and language. Over the past few years, my fascination has taken me in a new direction (Innate Thinking®), so I've been on the lookout for a good home for Salad.

Tim Considine (an experienced NLPer and trainer) has a passion for people, NLP, Hypnosis and the Salad brand. He's also a very experienced businessman who's looking forward to leading Salad and serving our community in the years to come. Over the years I've come to know Tim, he's impressed me with his skills, his vision and his integrity, so I'm extremely confident that he's the right person to lead Salad into the future.

Salad is still "number one for language", and remains committed to bringing you the finest NLP and Hypnosis trainers, programmes and materials. Tim's thrilled about the opportunity to bring his energy to Salad, so going forward, you can expect engaging new content, fresh products and some of the world's finest NLP and Hypnosis trainers (including long-time Salad favourites Dr Christina Hall and Michael Watson, acknowledged NLP leaders in their own right).

Tim has plenty of other ideas up his sleeve, so you can expect lots of value, new possibilities and great support in the months and years to come. He also has some "welcome gifts" planned, so keep your eyes on your inbox over the next few weeks for some "high-value hellos" as you start getting to know him better.

Nikki Owen and I are starting a new venture, Jamie Smart Ltd, to focus on supporting members of my Inner Circle Programme, developing Innate Thinking® as well as some other exciting opportunities (more about that in the days ahead). We'd love to keep you in the loop on everything we're doing, so go to to make sure you don't miss out. Among other things, you'll get a copy of my "Ultimate Leverage Point" MP3 when you enter your details).

Nikki and I will also be lending Tim our support in the months to come, to ensure that the handover goes smoothly, and that all our clients continue to receive the high levels of service you've become accustomed to. In the meantime, you can expect "business as usual" from the Salad team, and from all the various Salad services. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using whichever channels are most convenient to you:

Salad :- Tim Considine - personal email Tim@SALAD

Salad Facebook

Salad Twitter

Salad Phone Support - 0333 900 1222

Jamie Smart Ltd :-

Jamie Smart -

Nikki Owen -

Jamie Smart Facebook -
Jamie Smart Twitter -
Jamie Smart Ltd Phone - 07957 119 013 (a new local number will be announced later)

It's an inspiring time for all of us. The future holds exciting new challenges and opportunities. I'm so grateful for all the wonderful people in the Salad community, and am proud of everything we've created together. I hope you'll give Tim a warm welcome, and look forward to you sharing in his successes, and him sharing in yours in the years to come.

Finally, thank-you so much for all your support over the past 10 years. It's been an amazing experience for me, and I'm grateful to have had the chance to share what I've learned with (and to learn from) such an enthusiastic and appreciative group of people. I'm inspired by the journey so far, and by the road ahead.

I wish you well, and hope that our paths cross in future.

To your enlightened success!

Big love