The Christmas season is very personal.
And contrary to the traditional intended spirit, not a little stressful for far too many.
The pressure of "should" exerts itself relentlessly.
Pressure to over-indulge.
Pressure to spend more than we can really afford.
Pressure to be overtly jolly, even if sadness and stress are the dominant emotions.
And pressure to tell lies to our innocent offspring, all in the name of ..... ?
It's now only a very small minority for whom Christmas has anything at all to do with Christ.
So ... what is really all about ?
And what should it be all about, for those who don't buy into the religious dimensions?

For me, it is a time to reflect.
To get some distance on the barrage of commercial messages

I wish for you the opportunity to connect with yourself in a meaningful way.
Even if that's assisted by the medium of a full stomach, an empty wallet and a blurry alcohol-befuddled perception :-0
Enjoy, connect, reflect, and decide on what is going to be better.